Some things are universal...
Most marketing principles are universal. However, I am especially familiar with some industries. 

Financial Services
Industry-specific expertise for Banks, Asset Management Companies, Credit Unions, Financial Planners/Advisors, Brokers and Brokerages and other Financial Services Providers. 

Project Communications
Informing key stakeholders, decision makers and end-users during the course of a project can prevent your project from being de-prioritised and will facilitate change management.

Internal Communications
Keeping staff motivated and informed or managing change all require an attention-grabbing, integrated internal communication plan. This is often overlooked.

Small Businesses
Small businesses have definite needs and limited budgets. From your business plan to your brand, I can help. And why employ a marketing specialist when you can cherry pick from Penwork's services without the overheads and commitment of a full-time resource? My business expertise means I understand other aspects of your business, and can use this knowledge to develop better communications initiatives.

Interior Design
A combination of design, writing and marketing expertise - a winning combination that lets designers get on with what they like doing best!

Recreational Property
I wrote and researched many articles for Cottage Magazine and Cottage Life West for almost 10 years, and am also personally invested in the market. 

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